ight with men to employment. In 2014, fe▓male employees accounted for 44.8 percent of

all people

employed across

the country.The level of

infants reduced from▓ 13.1 per thousand in 2010 to 8.1 per thousand in 2015. And the mortality rate of children under the age o▓f five was 10.7 pe

health services for

r thousand, 5.7 per thousand lower tha▓n in 2010.Female minors' rights are further prote▓cted. The Amendment (IX) to the Criminal Law abolished the crime of prostituting female minors under the age of 14, improving the legal system on protecting female minors from sexual abuse.The state c▓ontinues to launch special operations to comb▓at attempts to identify the sex of a fetus other than for medical purposes and attempts to terminate a pregnancy once the sex of a fetus i▓dentified is not desired, the document r▓ead.In 2015, in terms of the gender ratio, for ever▓y 100 females t

continuously, the report

here were 113.5 males, the seventh narr▓owing of the gap in a row since 2009, it continued.By▓ 2015, the state had established a living subsidy syst

said.During the peri

em for the financially-challenged disabled popula▓tion and nursing care allowances for the severely disabled across the country.During the period of

▓od of 2011-2015, nearl

2012-2015, 4.962 million impoverished people with disabilities in rural areas were lifted out of poverty and 3.17 million po▓or

y 50 million pre▓gn
Collect from /

ant women in rural areas

disabled residents in rural areas received skills training.Besides, the central governmen▓t allocated a total of 3.74 billion yuan in rehabilitation and pov

received ▓

erty-relief interest-deducted loans to support 743,000 impoverished disabled▓ people. The state subsidized the renova▓tion of dilapidated houses of 1.164 mill

hospital del

2015.The maternal

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